Igarapé at the COP25: exploring the relations between climate and security

Igarapé Institute took active part in the annual climate summit – COP25 – in Madrid this December. Adriana Abdenur and Giovanna Kuele released a new report – Climate and Security in Latin America and the Caribbean: From Evidence to Political Solutions – available in English, Portuguese and Spanish. The team also released several opinion articles, including in O Globo, and full-page interviews in O Globo and Estadão

The new publication and the workshop at COP are a result of a productive partnership between the Igarapé Institute and the Institute for Climate and Society (iCS), both based in Rio de Janeiro, with support from the German Embassy in Brasilia. The collaboration also produced a workshop, held in July 2019, that gathered together 12 leading researchers from across the Americas to discuss how climate and public security are related.

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