Child Security Index Campaign

The Igarapé Institute and several partners are launching a campaign called #MakingChildrenSafer to raise awareness about the ways in which children are affected by violence. We want to give voice to the ways young people feel insecure, especially here in Brazil. The campaign draws on findings and insights from the Child Security Index (CSI), a mobile app that surveys the experiences of adolescents and children.
Undertaken between August and September 2016, the #MakingChildrenSafer campaign has three objectives. First, we want to show the scale and dimensions of insecurity for young people. Second we want to underline the different ways boys and girls experience insecurity in the home, school and other public spaces. Third, we want to highlight the ways technology can help make young people feel safer.
#MakingChildrenSafer was launched in social media across Brazil and around the world. We are providing our partners with some new research, infographics and videos (click here to access the full material) to get the message out – including our latest strategic paper, which features the main results of the Childhood Security Index (CSI) application in Rio de Janeiro.

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  • Bernard Van Leer Foundation
  • World Vision
  • Google Brasil
  • Oi Futuro
  • Bola Pra Frente
  • EMEF CEU Anhanguera Park


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