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Global Futures Bulletin: The Amazon Climate Bomb
Rampant deforestation and degradation are pushing the Amazon Basin to a dangerous tipping point that...
Inventory of data on economic activity and deforestation in the Amazon Basin
Multiple factors shape land change and land use patterns in the Amazon Basin.This note aims to identify...
Global Futures Bulletin: Climate migration and displacement
The Igarapé Institute is launching the latest edition of the Global Futures Bulletin at COP27. Published...
Stolen Amazon: the roots of environmental crime in five countries
Because illegal deforestation does not respect borders, InSight Crime and the Igarapé Institute have launched...
The Civic Space GPS 7
  The closure of civic space — the sphere between business, the State and family in which citizens...
Connecting the Dots: Territories and Trajectories of Environmental Crime in the Brazilian Amazon and Beyond
A regional ecosystem of crime has spread to 24 states and 254 cities throughout Brazil A new study by...
The Civic Space GPS 6
The closure of civic space — the sphere between business, the State and family in which citizens organize,...
The roots of environmental crime in the Peruvian Amazon
Peru’s 70 million hectares of rainforest are being razed at an alarming rate. In 2020, the country saw...
Towards inclusive cybercrime policymaking: consultation with non-governmental stakeholders from the Americas region
The Americas have been a global hotspot when it comes to the spread of cybercrime. In the region, different...
Civic Space GPS 5
The closure of civic space — the sphere between business, the State and family in which citizens organize,...
The ecosystem of environmental crime in the Amazon: an analysis of illicit rainforest economies in Brazil
Researchers analyzed data from 369 the Federal Police (PF) operations carried out between 2016 and 2021 Environmental...
The Civic Space GPS 4
The closure of civic space — the sphere between business, the State and family in which citizens organize,...
The Greater Horn on the Edge: visualizing climate stress and insecurity
      The Igarapé Institute, together with Kenya and Switzerland, releases the artcile...
A green economy can deliver zero deforestation in the Amazon by 2030
The publication “A green economy can deliver zero deforestation in the Amazon by 2030”  details...
Guidance note on combating environmental crime: Lessons from fighting illegal gold mining in the Amazon Basin
The Igarapé Institute, in a partnership with INTERPOL, releases the “Guidance note on combating...
The case for engaging cities in the new multilateralism
The publication "The case for engaging cities in the new multilateralism" analyzes the role of engaging...
Why the bill 1.595/2019 must be rejected by Brazil's Chamber of Deputies
Civic space is closing down in Brazil. Restrictions to fundamental rights are on the rise. So are the...
Mapping nuclear non-proliferation
The publication “Rethiking Multilateralism – Mapping nuclear non-proliferation” maps out networked multilateralism,...
Green, Clean and Safe - Analytical Dimensions and Metrics for 21st Century Brazilian Agriculture
The Igarapé Institute has launched an initiative to enhance transparency, traceability and legal enforcement...
mock 300 Civic Space GPS 3
Civic Space GPS Bulletin 3
The third Civic Space GPS Bulletin reports an increase in abuse of power
Civic Space is Our Space - An Agenda for the Protection of Democracy
In one of the most challenging moments of Brazilian democracy since 1988, the agenda presents itself...
mock 300 typology civic space
A typology for understanding the strategies and tactics used to attack civic space
The update is the result of the experience accumulated during the production of the GPS editions for...
Workers: New social contract proposal
The publication “Workers: new social contract proposal”  calls for a new social contract,...
Assessing global vaccination measures to address covid-19
The publication “Rethiking Multilateralism – Assessing Global Vaccination Measures to Address...
Accelerating inclusive global cooperation
The world is facing multiple connected, cascading and compounding mega-threats. These challenges range...
The Roots of Environmental Crime in the Colombian Amazon
The publication is the first in a series of studies that highlight how environmental crimes harm ecosystems...
Climate change and crime in cities
Climate change is already disrupting citiesaround the world. Continued greenhouse gas emissions and warming...
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Converting Digital Risk into Resilience in the COVID-19 Era
Robert Muggah’s contribution focuses on resilience, the now essential concept in helping organisations...
Civic Space GPS Bulletin 2
O espaço cívico — esfera entre os negócios, o Estado e a família onde cidadãos e cidadãs se organizam,...
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Gun Trafficking and Violence
Katherine Aguirre, Igarape’s researcher, contributed to the book with a chapter on the flow of illegal...
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