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Igarapé is present at COP28, the UN’s annual climate conference, committed to fostering big-picture thinking and advocating for urgent actions to prevent the planet from reaching an irreversible point in global warming.


Our contribution includes a well-informed agenda and actionable proposals to address the global climate emergency, with a special focus on the Amazon Basin.


Our goal is to establish collaborations that empower Brazil and other developing countries to protect their forests and make a just transition to a green economy.

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In our climate security and international cooperation programs, we operate in the following ways:

●   We establish global partnerships to influence and reform practices and standards in climate governance and green financing

●   We engage in regional efforts to enhance capacities and foster collaboration among the countries within the Amazon Basin

●   We strive to make a national impact by promoting sustainable development in the Amazon region.
Our vision for the Amazon rainforest is to transform it from an ecosystem plagued by environmental crimes into one thriving with green enterprises

How do we plan to achieve this?

●   By monitoring and combating environmental crimes, with a keen focus on tracing the money flows from illicit economies

●   Through a multidimensional and regionally cohesive approach to security within the Amazon

●   By pioneering and implementing innovative financial mechanisms that support environmental conservation

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Dubai time (United Arab Emirates) GMT+4 
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