Armando Santacruz González is co-founder, Chief Executive Officer and director of Grupo Pochteca; a co-founder and board member of México Unido Contra la Delincuencia where he created the drug policy program; and a co-founder of SMART, the group that obtained a Mexican Supreme Court ruling allowing the production and consumption of marihuana for recreational purposes. He is also a board member and member of the executive committee of Fundación Pro-empleo.

He has served as regional director for Latin America for the Harvard Alumni Association, president of the Club Harvard de México, and board member of the Festival del Centro Histórico, of Grupo Proa (Laboratorios Médicos del Chopo) and of Elementia.

Armando has a Public Accounting degree from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) and a Masters in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School.

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