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 The Igarapé Institute, together with almost 40 partner organizations, has launched “Civic Space is Our Space – An Agenda for Democracy Protection”. The Agenda brings a set of proposals for citizens to actively defend civic space. Civic space belongs to all of us.  


All of us.


Every day, we are witnessing the suffocation of Brazilian democracy. 


But what can we do right now to protect our civic space? The agenda offers some practical examples of actions each of us can take. 


civil society organizations united against anti democratic attacks 


practical actions for people and institutions to engage in protecting civic space

“Civic Space is Our Space” was designed to inspire civil society in building a more inclusive democracy.

The publication is part of a larger, permanent project which contains the podcast series “You Can Change the World” (in Portuguese); the book “In defense of civic space”(soon to be published in English) and a quarterly bulletin that monitors threats to democracy and the reactions they generate. The publication lists strategies and tactics based on Igarapé Institute’s own sociological typology, described in the Strategic Article 49: “The Agora is under attack: assessing the closure of civic space in Brazil and around the world”. The document was updated with a new in “A Typology to Understand Strategies and Tactics for Attacking the Civic Space”.

Populist and authoritarian governments are censoring public debate and harassing academics, artists, activists, scientists and journalists. We need to protect our democracy and protect ourselves.


Watch the video, produced by Igarapé Institute, in which social entrepreneur Caetano Scannavino, volleyball player Carolina Solberg, indigenous activist Célia Xakriabá, anthropologist Debora Diniz, YouTube influencer Felipe Neto, our president Ilona Szabó, journalist Leonardo Sakamoto, epidemiologist Pedro Hallal, scientist Ricardo Galvão and actress Zezé Motta speak out about attacks they suffered because of their work and active voices.





Understand why attacking civic space is to  attack the people:

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Colective Action

Follow the hashtag


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People from all political and ideological perspectives can engage. 

The defense of civic space takes the action of many. 

Meet our partners in this agenda:


You too can protect civic space


information to form your opinions 
Seek out information from more than one outlet // Consult fact checking agencies 


quality content 
Share relevant information on social media // Share the work of outlets and/or resarchers who produce quality content 


actively in the public debate 
Foster healthy debates // debate and communicate without violence // Do not respond in kind when aggressively confronted on social networks 


representatives responsibly
Study all the candidates’ proposals
and evaluate their validity // Accompany congressional votes // Analyze the history of political


committed leaders
Share the profiles of committed
leaders on social networks // Donate to their campaigns //
Remain cautious of magic solutions to complex problems 


and demand public authorities 
Accompany the work of
organizations which defend evidence-based public
policy // Remember campaign proposals and demand their fulfillment 

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