Climate Security in West Africa

States registering the highest levels of poverty and emitting the least carbon dioxide are most threatened by climate change and insecurity.

The links between climate change and insecurity are complex. Changes in temperature and precipitation can serve as “risk multipliers” by exacerbating the likelihood of social unrest and organized violence.


A new series from Igarape Institute explores the threats presented by climate change and the deterioration of socio-economic conditions in West Africa.

Across the region, rising sea levels, changing mobility patterns and disruption of water available are deepening competition over resources, contributing to migration and displacement and sharpening violent tensions.

A new project – Climate Change and Security in West Africa – shows how the region is beset by threats, but also responding with innovative solutions. Supported by Switzerland, the initiative provides an evidence-base and powerful visual tools to explain what’s at stake.


Bulletin version

4 pages version

The following data visualizations illustrate the complexity of the problem.

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