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Impacts and Awards

Since its formation in 2011, the Igarapé Institute has established a global profile on security and development. The Institute is actively involved in setting global policy agendas related to peace and security, gender and peacekeeping, drug policy reform, arms control and violence prevention, and more. Institute personnel are also regularly working behind the scene, far from the public headlines.


The Igarapé Institute generates considerable publications, both institutional papers but also peer-reviewed articles. In 2014 alone, the Institute produced more than 11 Strategic Papers and Strategic Notes and over 20 scholarly publications. These products were downloaded thousands of times and cited by major news outlets from the BBC to the Economist and the New York Times.


The Igarapé Institute also impacts through hosting and participating in global events. Again, just in 2014, the Institute hosted or co-hosted more than 30 major conferences and seminars on events in Brazil, but also in Colombia, Egypt, Mexico, the Netherlands, and the United States. Personnel participated in more than 83 events in 18 countries over the same period.


Another way to make impacts is through traditional and new media. In 2014, the Institute produced 154 opinion editorials, including in the international and domestic press. The Institute´s research or commentary was also cited in over 961 media stories in over 34 countries. As a result, key messages generated by Igarapé were read or viewed by more tens of millions of people around the world.


Over the past few years the Institute has been singled out for a half dozen awards. These include:


New Digital Age Grant, given by Google Chairman, Eric Schmidt

Networked Society Award, by Ericsson

Google Impacts Award

On Think Tanks Data Visualization Competition

Favorite Website of the Day

Nominated for a Webby Award