About Igarapé

The Igarapé Institute is an independent think and do tank focused on the areas of public, climate and digital security and its consequences for democracy. Its objective is to propose solutions and partnerships for global challenges through research, new technologies, communication and influence on public policies in the areas of public, digital and climate security.


The Institute works with governments, the private sector and civil society to design data-based solutions. We were awarded the best Human Rights NGO in 2018 and the best think tank on social policy by Prospect Magazine in 2019.


We are a non-profit, independent and non-partisan institution, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro. Our operation, however, transcends local, national and regional boundaries. The Igarapé Institute has professionals in cities in all regions of Brazil and in Canada, Colombia, the United States and the United Kingdom. We have partnerships and projects in over 20 countries.

The Igarapé Institute’s mission is to contribute to public, climate and digital security in Brazil and worldwide.

The Igarapé Institute seeks to serve as a channel that facilitates the integration of security, climate and technology agendas and, at the same time, acts as a bridge of dialogue between decision makers and civil society, and between the global and local spheres.


The word Igarapé, in Tupi, means “way of the canoe”. Igarapés are small rivers or channels, very common in the Amazon, essential for communication between peoples and responsible for connecting large rivers.


Read Igarapé’s articles of organization here and the most recent notice of meeting.

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