About Igarapé

Igarape Institute is an independent think and tank, dedicated to integrating security, development and climate agendas. The Institute’s goal is to propose data-driven solutions and partnerships to global challenges through research, new technologies, and strategic communication. The Institute is a nonprofit, independent and non-partisan institution, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, with activities in Brazil and across Latin America and Africa. The Institute was ranked the world best social policy think tank in 2019 by the Prospect Magazine and listed as among the top 100 Brazilian NGOs since 2018.


The Igarapé Institute’s mission is to make Brazil and countries in the global south more secure.

The Igarapé Institute seeks to act as a channel, facilitating the integration of Security and Development agendas while at the same time serving as a bridge between both decision makers and social movements, connecting global and local spheres.

The Institute has its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, with personnel spread across Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. We have partners and projects in more than 20 countries.