Digital Security

The Igarape Institute Digital Security program develops interdisciplinary research, facilitates intersector dialogues and promotes spaces of trust and awareness for the advancement of digital policies. We work on issues such as digital security, internet crime, artificial intelligence, internet of things, data protection and smart cities.


We build platforms, sparking critical thinking on the impact of technologies in society and addressing challenges to digital rights protection through the implementation of technologies in our daily lives.


What are the primary challenges Brazil faces in preventing threats to cyber security, such as cyber attacks? Who are the key stakeholders in this area? How can they work together to mitigate existing risks? The search for answers to these questions stimulates the Igarape Institute to systematize, analyze and gather existing knowledge on cybersecurity.

The Brazilian Portal of Cybersecurity consolidates analyses, research data, norms and other documents on the subject of digital security. This way, it aims to strengthen the collective action.

We wrote a study on the implementation and use of video monitoring in Brazil. These technologies are among the main surveillance devices used by police authorities. (Page in Portuguese)

The project “Cyber Security and Digital Freedoms” reassess the elaboration of Brazil’s digital policies regarding areas such as security, privacy and deployment of new technologies

Publications on Digital Security

Digital Security in the media

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