Igarapé Institute is recognized as a leading technology developer in the security and justice space. A key goal of Igarapé Institute’s new technology work is to generate positive social impact at scale.


The Igarapé Institute has partnered with groups like Google’s Jigsaw, ESRI, Periscopic, Carnegie Mellon University, Uber, and ViaScience to design, develop, and test award-winning, high impact data visualization platforms, mobile phone apps and advanced predictive software using machine learning.


The Institute is committed to the highest standards of transparency and ethics, and routinely evaluates its technologies, including through the of experimental and quasi-experimental methods.

Data Viz


To end violence, we need to know its patterns, who are the victims and the perpetrators.

Drug Policy Monitor

Advancements and delays in the Americas

Fragile Cities

Index of vulnerability to social and climate factors

Mapping Arms Data

Flow of arms imports and exports

Earth Time

Vizuaization of humanitarian
and climate risks

Homicide Monitor

Distribution and dynamics of lethal violence in the world

Forced Migration Observatory

Visualization of internal displacement in Brazil

Citizen Security Dashboard

Distribution of initiatives in the Americas

Civic Tech


Service and public policy guide


Peace agents network

Child Security Index

Youth perceptions of violence

Gov Tech

Violence Prevention Observatory

Risk factor monitoring

Crime Radar

The past and future of crime in the city


Police actions planning


Transparency in police actions

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