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Igarapé Institute is focused on proposing solutions and partnerships and its consequences for democracy. The Institute designs, develops and test high impact data visualization platforms, mobile phone apps and software, according to the highest standards of transparency and ethics. The Igarapé Institute has partnered with groups like Google’s Jigsaw, ESRI, Periscopic, Carnegie Mellon University, Uber, and ViaScience to create some of these technologies. 

Data Viz

Data and information on violence, offering a comprehensive oveview of the challenges faced by public security in the Brazilian Legal Amazon
A comprehensive overview of the different types of violence faced by women in the Amazon
A transparency ranking of firearm data featuring interactive maps of armed violence dynamics and information on the circulation of guns in Brazil
An intuitive interface to facilitate decision making and promote responsible, sustainable investment in the Amazon
An immersive experience showing how land grabbing, illegal logging, wildcat mining and the illicit wildlife trade are damaging our climate
Distribution, dimensions and dynamics of lethal violence in the world
Research papers, norms and other documents consolidated to strenghten the capabilities to collectively build a safer, more cooperative, resilient and sustainable digital environment


To end violence, we need to know its patterns, who are the victims and the perpetrators
Explore the main drug policy reforms on our map and timeline
Climate and humanitarian risks – such as refugees flows, terrorism, among others – in planetary scale, for the last three decades
Public data repository containing information on over 2,100 cities with population of 250,000 or more
Georeferenced and interactive visualisation of the distribution of internally displaced people in Brazil over time
Over 35,000 records of the exports and imports of small arms, light weapons and ammunition from more than 262 states and territories
Programs and projects on public security implemented in Latin America and the Caribbean from 1998 to 2013

Civic Tech

A tool developed to facilitate the society monitoring and follow-up of the Federal Executive Branch decrees, ordinances and normative instructions


Compass of Public Services is an Android and iOS mobile phone app for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, as well as internally displaced persons in Brazil – available in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese
App to connect researchers, policy makers and the public interested in conflict prevention studies 
Trends of domestic, school and community violences and insecurity as perceived among children and teens

Gov Tech

Platform to strengthen police effectiveness and efficiency by optimizing law enforcement resources while also mitigating negative social impacts on vulnerable populations and areas
An agenda for Paraty municipality, one of the most important tourist municipalities, to prevent and reduce crime and violence in the city
An Android map to monitor video, audio and GPS localization during police action 
The tool integrates several databases into a unified map interrface showing areas with high and low prevalence of different types of crime

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