The “Cyber ​​Security and Digital Liberties” project re-evaluates the digital policy-making process in Brazil regarding issues such as security, privacy and the use of new technologies. In addition, it offers a diagnosis of some of the core challenges of the Brazilian digital policy agenda in the post-Marco Civil da Internet scenario and in the period of the 2018 elections.


Its main goal is to generate trust as well as spaces for cross-sector cooperation in the development of agendas for cyber security, data protection, IoT technologies. More specifically, the project aims to:


❶ Identify the main regulatory challenges and solutions, as well as make recommendations, for advancing inclusive and informed policies in these areas;


Provide a broader view regarding the development of strategies for cyber and digital security;


❸  To explore the insertion of principles such as privacy and security in the design of information technologies.


O projeto The “Cybersecurity and Digital Liberties” project has resulted in the publication of two Strategic Notes and two Strategic Articles that discuss the cybersecurity and privacy protection agendas and provide recommendations to address these challenges.


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