Team and Boards

Executive Leadership

Ilona Szabó de Carvalho

Co-founder and President

Leriana Figueiredo

Operations Director

Melina Risso

Research Director

Strategic Leadership

Robert Muggah

Chief Innovation Officer (CIO)

Senior Leadership

Eliane Azevedo

Communication Coordinator

Cristianna Madeira de Ferran

Technology Manager

Team members

Ana Carolina Duccini

Communication and Content Coordinator 

Ana Luiza Da Silva Vastag

Communication Analyst

Ana Paula Nascimento

Administrative Analyst

André Guttierrez

Design Intern

Bernardo Lima

Project Manager

Camila Godoy


Carolina Loeb

Research Intern

Daniela Matos

Institutional Development Advisor

Débora Vasconcellos Chaves


Etyenne Araujo

Administrative-Financial Coordinator

Flávia Oliveira da Silva Porto

Administrative-Financial Analyst

Gabriel Luna

Operations Coordinator

Gabriel Panza


Giovanna Kuele


Joelma Ferreira

Financial Officer

Júlia Quirino


Juliana Marcia Barroso


Justin Kosslyn

Researcher Fellows

Katherine Aguirre


Lara Stahlberg

Chief of Staff

Lucas Francisco Alves

Research Intern

Luiza Montoya Raniero

ESG Coordinator

Lycia Brasil


Marina Alkmim


Mateus Alvarenga Araujo

Multimedia Designer

Murilo Xavier Lima


Pedro Augusto F. Da Silva

Data Analyst

Peter Smith


Raphael Durão

Creative Coordinator

Raphaël Vial Rodrigues Lima

Press Officer

Raquel Miranda

Executive Assistant

Renata Giannini


Rodrigo Werneck


Talisson Mendes

Project and Partnership Assistant

Thomas Abt

Researcher Fellows

Tiago Silva

Technology Coordinator

Vivian Calderoni

Program Coordinator

Wilker Franca



The Igarapé Institute is committed to the highest standards of transparency and accountability in all of its programs and activities. To help it accomplish its mandate, the Institute is governed by an Administrative Board, a Fiscal Council, an Advisory Board and an Honorary Board. These boards meet regularly in Brazil, and virtually.

Administrative Board

Ilona Szabó de Carvalho
Claudia Sender Ramires
Kamila Aparecida F. Camilo
Marcelo Fernandez Trindade
Wolff Klabin

Fiscal Board

Rodrigo Falk Fragoso 

Honorary Board

Bruno Giussani 

TEDGlobal curator


Cesar Gaviria 

Former president of Colombia


Fernando Henrique Cardoso

Former president of Brazil

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