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Team and Boards



Ilona Szabó de Carvalho

Executive director and program coordinator for drug policy


Robert Muggah

Research director and program coordinator for citizen security


Team members:


Adriana Abdenur

Research fellow


Ana Beatriz Duarte

Public Information


Ana Paula Nascimento

Administrative officer


Ana Paula Pellegrino

Associate researcher



Arthur Vasconcelos

IT programmer


Barbara Fernandes

Managing director


Beatriz Alquéres

Project Coordinator


Bruno Siqueira

Systems analyst / Developer


Caio de Freitas Paes

Communications analyst


Carlos Coutinho



Cristiane de Oliveira Carneiro

Administrative analyst


Dandara Tinoco

Communications Specialist


Daniel Arnaudo

Research Fellow


Eduarda Hamann

Program coordinator for Peace Building


Emile Badran

Project manager


Felipe Rios

Finance Assistant


Florencia Fontan Balestra

Institutional development officer


Gen. Floriano Peixoto Vieira Neto

Research Fellow


Giovanna Kuele

Research Assistant


Joelma Ferreira

Financial officer


Juan Garzón

Regional Senior Advisor


Justin Kosslyn

Associate researcher


Katherine Aguirre

Associate researcher


Louise Marie Hurel

Project Coordenator


Luisa Cruz Lobato

Project Administrator


Maiara Folly

Junior researcher


Mariana Fonseca



Mariana Rocha



Mariana Rondon

Program Manager


Max Holander

Finance Coordinator


Michele dos Ramos

Associate researcher



Nathan Thompson

Associate researcher



Renata Giannini

Senior researcher


Tania Pinc



Thomas Abt

Research Fellow


Viviana Porto

Research Assistant


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The Igarapé Institute is committed to the highest standards of transparency and accountability in all of its programs and activities. To help it accomplish its mandate, the Institute is governed by an Administrative Board, a Fiscal Council, an Advisory Board and an Honorary Board. These boards meet regularly in Brazil, and virtually.


Administrative Board


Ines Mindlin Lafer
Melina Risso
Samara Werner
Wolff Klabin


Fiscal Board


Bernardo Calmon
Fabiano Robalinho Cavalcanti
Guilherme Portella



Advisory Council


Armando Santacruz Gonzáles
Indranil Chakrabarti
Jorge Abraham Soto Moreno
María Victoria Llorente
Misha Glenny
Scott Carpenter
Sissel Steen Hodne


Honorary Board


Fernando Henrique Cardoso

Former president of Brazil

Cesar Gaviria 

Former president of Colombia

Bruno Giussani 

TEDGlobal curator