Civic Space

Do you know what civic space is? It’s the public sphere between the State, business and family where citizens can organize, debate and act to influence public opinion and policies.


In recent years, around the world, we have seen an increasing “closure” of civic space, a deliberate action by leaders with authoritarian- populist traits. From Latin America to Africa, from Europe to Asia, governments are cracking down on civic action.


At a time when governments are turning against their citizens, it is more urgent than ever to devise new social pacts and guarantee a more supportive, cooperative and sustainable planet for future generations.


This program includes research and a series of media-communication products: podcasts, a book, and videos that will be shared on this page. Stay tuned here and on our social networks!

Visit our podcast series (in portuguese)

Civic Space GPS 

Read the typology 

Know more about the book 


English version will be available soon 

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