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International Cooperation
Know Violence in Childhood: A Global Learning Initiative
This Report is an output of Know Violence in Childhood – an independent global learning initiative. The...
Helicóptero da PM_nexo
Las agencias multilaterales y el enfoque de "seguridad ciudadana" en América Latina
Multilateral development agencies have played a highly important role in the prevention and reduction...
Spotlight Synthesis Report - The 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda in Brazil
The present publication is a Synthesis of the Spotlight Report of the Civil Society Working Group for...
On the brink of danger
Strategic Note about a relatively new phenomenon in international relations: since the nineties, there...
Haitian Women’s Experiences of Recovery from Hurricane Matthew
June, 2017 On 4 October 2016 Haiti was struck by a category five hurricane, the strongest such storm...
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The humanitarian consequences of violence in Central America
Pesquisadores e especialistas  falam do tema sob os mais variados espectros da questão humanitária, do...
The Rise of Citizen Security in Latin America and the Caribbean
Latin American and Caribbean societies are among the most violent on earth. The problem appears to be...
Brazil, the Internet and the Digital Bill of Rights
April, 2017 Through interviews and research on primary and secondary data, the Strategic Article outlines...
The Future of United Nations Peacekeeping Operations from a Brazilian Perspective
March, 2017 This report resumes the event which examined the extent to which the country has incorporated...
Achieving Gender Equality
Esta Nota Estratégica tem como objetivo destacar boas práticas na implementação de diferentes planos...
A “Brazilian way”? Brazil’s approach to peacebuilding
Drawing on interviews with Brazilian diplomats and official documents, this paper examines the context,...
Remodelling global cooperation
Robert Muggah and other independent thinkers talk about global governance
Harnessing Public-Private: Cooperation to Deliver the New Urban Agenda
Our research director, Rob Muggah, contributed to this publication of the World Economic Forum on the...
Global Peace Operations Review: Annual Compilation 2016
Adriana Erthal Abdenur and Rob Muggah contributed to the annual compilation of global peace operations...
A new urban paradigm: pathways to sustainable development
In collaboration with UNDP, the Igarapé Institute has launched a new publication on cities and development
Brazil and francophone Africa
This paper aims at examining how francophone Africa presently perceives Brazil’s ambitions in light of...
Controlando el territorio y construyendo seguridad
[Em Espanhol] Esta publicación contiene textos sobre el proceso de paz en Colombia - y un prólogo escrito...
Transforming Our World
this publication provides an overview of the Sustainable Development Goals as they relate to violence...
Brazilian Peacekeeping
This policy brief revisits the country’s evolving role and strategic use of peacekeeping.
Researchers’ manifesto in support of the Disarmament Statute
Fifty-seven researchers from public safety sign this manifesto against the Bill 3722/12.
Preparing Civilian Experts to work in Vulnerable Places
This brief examines Brazil’s potential for preparing civilian experts to work in unstable contexts.
Urban governance in fragile cities
This publication presents strategies that help enhance resilience in cities experiencing fragility.
Book: Building Sustainable Peace
This book offers some fact based approaches to building sustainable peace.
A Path Forged Over Time
This Strategic Note identifies key thematic features of Brazil’s long history of United Nations operations,...
Responsible Investment in Fragile Contexts
The following report examines ways that companies can mitigate the risks of investing in fragile settings.
Deportation, Circular Migration and Organized Crime
This research report examines the impact of criminal deportation to Honduras on public safety in Canada.
open empowerment
Book: Open Empowerment: From Digital Protest to Cyber War
This book shines a light on digital protest and cyber crime from Argentina, Brazil and Colombia to El...
Global Report on Urban Health
This timely report comes at a decisive moment in history where we can reshape urban environments and...
Charting Out the Digital Ecosystem of Gangs in the U.S. and Mexico
This article considers the digital ecosystem linking gangs in San Diego, Tijuana and more widely across...
The State of Security and Justice in Brazil: Reviewing the Evidence
This text analyzes Brazil's internal issues on justice and security agendas.
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