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The predictions of Ilona Szabó to the World Economic Forum

  Co-founder and president of Igarapé Instituto, Ilona Szabó is one of global experts invited by the World Economic Forum to share key challenges presented today to decision-makers and leaders. In a Transformation Map, users are able to navigate through her answers and connect challenges


Opinion: Brazil’s Prison Massacres Send A Dire Message

Once again, Brazil’s hellish prisons are making global headlines. The spotlight this week is on Manaus, the capital of the country’s northern Amazonas state, where violence at different prisons left 55 inmates dead.


How Toronto can curb gun violence

A shadow hangs over Toronto after Sunday’s shooting on the Danforth. The recent killing spree follows on the heels of a vehicle attack on Yonge Street this spring and a raft of shootings, including one with small children in the crossfire last month.


Reducing Homicide: What Presidents Are Doing

The murder epidemic in Latin America is an appalling tragedy. But it is also an incredibly complex public policy challenge stemming from problems that have plagued the region for decades


To end the global murder epidemic, give mayors more power

Latin America accounts for 8% of the world’s population, but 33% of its homicides. A history of military repression, drug wars and dictatorships have made the region the most violent on earth, but now, new methods of preventing violence are springing up there.


La “Mano Dura”

Los enfoques que prometen ser “duros contra el delito” son atractivos para la opinión pública. Líderes autoritarios y populistas suelen usarlos, ya que suenan “moralmente justos” y orientados a la acción.


Genaro Lozano entrevista a Robert Muggah

En Foro Global, Genaro Lozano entrevista a Robert Muggah, colaborador de Americas Quarterly y cofundador y director de investigación del Think Tank Instituto Igarapé de Río de Janeiro.

Robbert Muggah

Brazil Violence Cost

Rising homicide rates are damaging Brazil’s economy and leading to skyrocketing public security costs.

Conflict prevention is the surest path to peace

Conflict prevention is the surest path to peace

Today’s armed conflicts also make conflict prevention more challenging. This is because armed conflict and terrorism are transforming. Risks of conflict are converging


The Tricky Business of Counting the Costs of Armed Conflict in Cities

By Robert Muggah 24/05/2018 Originally published on the Small Wars Journal Paraphrasing the Greek dramatist Aeschylus, in war, terrorism and crime, truth is the first casualty. While a proper accounting of the human toll of organized violence is critical to achieving justice and stability, it

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