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Status and the Rise of Brazil
Researcher Eduarda Hamann contributed with a chapter entitled "Brazil’s Evolving 'Balancing Act' on the...
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Navigating the Ripple Effects: Brazil-China Relations in Light of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)
This paper draws on official documents and statistics to analyze how the BRI affects Brazil´s relations...
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No War, No Peace: Healing the World’s Violent Societies
As Rachel Kleinfeld and Robert Muggah note, levels of state-to-state conflict in the world are now at...
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Crime prediction for more agile policing in cities – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The development of the Case study: Crime prediction for more agile policing in cities has been researched...
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Financing the UN: Development System Time for Hard Choices
Igarapé's Peace and Security Coordinator, Adriana Abdenur, contributed with the section "The Crisis of...
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Global study on homicide: Understanding homicide
Robert Muggah and Renata Giannini contributed with a section for this report.
Los Delitos Ambientales en la Cuenca del Amazonas: el rol del crimen organizado en la minería
Coordinator of Igarapé's international security division, Adriana Erthal Abdenur and researchers Lycia...
Tupi or not Tupi: Cannibalism and the Study of International Relations
The book  Researching South-South Development Cooperation: The Politics of Knowledge Production, edited...
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Contemporary Africa and the Foreseeable World Order
Contemporary Africa and the Foreseeable World Order sheds light on the place of "Africa Agency" in the...
Assessing the effectiveness of the United Nations Mission in the DRC / MONUC – MONUSCO
By adopting the EPON’s methodology framework, the report has evaluated the effectiveness of the UN peacekeeping...
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Prison populism in Latin America
The objective of this study is to offer a data-driven review of the growth, trends, and the principle...
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Unfulfilled Promises Latin America Today
This volume is the culmination of a special Inter-American Dialogue project. Unlike other Dialogue publications,...
Reviewing the Costs and Benefits of Mano Dura Versus Crime Prevention in the Americas
There are signs of growing resistance to repressive approaches to crime prevention—so-called mano dura—in...
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Le Manuel de Prévention des Conflits
Après un demi-siècle de déclin, la fréquence et la sévérité des conflits armés ont commencé à augmenter...
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Robert Muggah on city mayors and how they define our collective fates
A Strategy for Cybersecurity Governance in Brazil
This study explores the institutionalization of the cybersecurity agenda in Brazil and seeks to identify...
Crime and Violence: Obstacles to Development in Latin America and Caribbean cities
Crime and violence are a common threat to Latin America and the Caribbean, but their manifestations vary...
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Agile Cities: Preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
By merging the biological, physical and digital worlds, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming...
Narco State
Book: The Rise of the Narcostate
This book is our sixth Small Wars Journal--El Centro anthology, covering writings published between 2016...
The Handbook of Conflict Prevention
Executive Summary   Conflict prevention has a long history within the context of the international peace...
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ATT Monitor Report 2018
ATT Monitor is a project of Control Arms. The project was launched in January 2015 with the support of...
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Smart cities: Digital solutions for a more livable future
As cities get smarter, they are becoming more livable and more responsive—and today we are seeing only...
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States of Fragility 2018
Three years into the 2030 Agenda it is already apparent that those living in fragile contexts are the...
La "Mano Dura"
Los enfoques que prometen ser “duros contra el delito” son atractivos para la opinión pública. Líderes...
Enhancing Peacekeeping Training Through Cooperation
There is growing recognition at the UN and among member states that peacekeeping must be made more effective,...
Policy Brief Gender and Mediation in Guinea-Bissau
Gender and Mediation in Guinea-Bissau
On July 10, 2017, the President of Guinea Bissau, José Mário Vaz, met politician Domingos Simões Pereira,...
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Brazil's Participation in MINUSTAH (2004-2017)
Brazil’s contribution to United Nations (UN) missions started exactly 70 years ago, when Brazilian...
Implementing the “Women, Peace and Security” agenda in Brazil
This article presents an analysis of the content of the National Plan of Action (NAP) on women, peace...
Aligning Agendas: Drugs, Sustainable Development, and the Drive for Policy Coherence
February, 2018 Current drug policy too often has a negative impact on communities and runs counter to...
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