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Civic Space
International Cooperation
Book: Building Sustainable Peace
This book offers some fact based approaches to building sustainable peace.
A Path Forged Over Time
This Strategic Note identifies key thematic features of Brazil’s long history of United Nations operations,...
Responsible Investment in Fragile Contexts
The following report examines ways that companies can mitigate the risks of investing in fragile settings.
Deportation, Circular Migration and Organized Crime
This research report examines the impact of criminal deportation to Honduras on public safety in Canada.
open empowerment
Book: Open Empowerment: From Digital Protest to Cyber War
This book shines a light on digital protest and cyber crime from Argentina, Brazil and Colombia to El...
Global Report on Urban Health
This timely report comes at a decisive moment in history where we can reshape urban environments and...
Charting Out the Digital Ecosystem of Gangs in the U.S. and Mexico
This article considers the digital ecosystem linking gangs in San Diego, Tijuana and more widely across...
The State of Security and Justice in Brazil: Reviewing the Evidence
This text analyzes Brazil's internal issues on justice and security agendas.
Mídia: What Explains Criminal Violence in Mexico City? A Test of Two Theories of Crime
What Explains Criminal Violence in Mexico City?
    What Explains Criminal Violence in Mexico City? A Test of Two Theories of Crime There are...
Preparing Stabilisation for 21st Century Security Challenges
Stabilisation, as a concept and set of practices, has proliferated over the past two decades and is now...
Sequencing Next Generation Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration in Peace Processes
The disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration (DDR) of former combatants is a mainstay of the contemporary...
Tackling Gun Violence in India
India has reached the second largest number of homicides in the world, which policies should be applied...
Dialogue on Safety and Security: Insights from Cape Town
The Cape Town Dialogue included a number of in-depth discussions about crime and violence prevention...
Counting Conflict Deaths
This briefing note is intended to assist the Inter-Agency and Experts Group (IAEG) on SDG indicators...
Disarming the FARC
[In Spanish] Study that examines the opportunities for disarmament of the FARC, drawing on evidence from...
international affairs
A Manifesto for the Fragile City
After more than a century of steady city expansion in northern countries, the direction of twenty-first...
Peace and the Post-2015 Development Agenda
This briefing examines Brazil’s position on the inclusion of peace within the post-2015 development agenda...
Deconstructing the fragile city
Deconstructing the fragile city: exploring insecurity, violence and resilience An emerging social category...
It´s time for humanitarian agencies to work in fragile cities
Humanitarian agencies are questioning when and how to engage with violent urban settings. This article...
Citizen Security Dialogues: Dispatches from Mexico
The special collection - Citizen Security Dialogues: Dispatches from Mexico - features original research...
The Invisible Displaced: A Unified Conceptualization of Population Displacement in Brazil
The article introduces a basic typology to conceptualize various types of internal displacement in Brazil.
Violent disorder in Ciudad Juarez
15/04/2014 Violent disorder in Ciudad Juarez: a spatial analysis of homicide This article considers the...
Promoção da Paz, Segurança, Justiça e Governança na Agenda de Desenvolvimento Pós-2015
[In Portuguese] In a collective statement, experts ask for the Brazilian government to work with a universal...
Violent disorder in Ciudad Juarez: a spatial analysis of homicide
This article considers the extent to which specific demographic and socioeconomic factors correlate with...
Visualizing Armed Groups: The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s M23 in Focus
An interactive, web-based visualization that captures interlocking networks related to the M23 rebel...
UN4U day in Liberia
Latin America Awakes: a Review of the New Drug Policy Debate
This report considers how changes under way in Latin America drug policy are challenging the foundations...
IPEA - Report for Debate 1892
[In portuguese] This paper analyzes the opportunities for greater participation of Brazilian police officers...
Mapping Citizen Security Interventions in Latin America: Reviewing the Evidence
This report considers how citizen security have been operationalised across Latin America, assembling...
Africa subsariana
The Enemy Within: Rethinking Arms Availability in Sub-Saharan Africa
Small arms and light weapons availability should be re-evaluated as a complex social phenomenon involving...
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