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Future Trends in Homicide – Extrapolations from 2019 to 2030

Most countries have actually experienced sustained declines in homicidal violence across several decades. Notwithstanding the disruptive effects of COVID-19 and associated economic stresses in 2020, these trends are expected to continue in several parts of the world.


Who needs body cameras? Police testing cellphone cameras

USA Today June, 2017 The new system works like this: Officers download the CopCast app on a smartphone, and supervisors download a desktop version. Officers can strap the phone onto their chest and hit a button to start recording audio and video, which can be streamed


Cop cams go global

Thanks to the technology revolution, policing in Brazil and around the world is changing


Cops on Camera. Are Police Ready?

While not welcomed by everyone, new technologies such as cop cams are coming. Many of the U.S.’s largest police departments are already testing them


SA and Brazil to try smart policing

Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro have joined hands in trying out a new policing system. The famous cities are employing the use of mobile cameras to strengthen policing in various districts while improving police accountability and enhancing police relations with society. The initiative is


Capturing the Networked Society

Robert Muggah, research director at the Igarapé Institute, was selected by Ericsson as one of 60 winners in the “network society” by using technology to solve complex social problems


Smart Policing in Brazil

Vishva Samani reports on how smart policing in Brazil keeps a check on the police

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