Category: Digital Security Publications

Digital Security Publications

Designing Digital Safety into the Smart City

This article explores two basic questions: (1) What are the cyberthreats facing cities and their residents; and (2) How can cities and city networks work to improve their digital safety? These may be among the most significant – if under-appreciated – questions facing cities in the 21st century.

Digital Security Publications

A Strategy for Cybersecurity Governance in Brazil

This study explores the institutionalization of the cybersecurity agenda in Brazil and seeks to identify opportunities for multi-stakeholder cooperation.

Digital Security Publications

Brazil, the Internet and the Digital Bill of Rights

April, 2017 Through interviews and research on primary and secondary data, the Strategic Article outlines a comprehensive history of the process of drafting, voting, and regulating the Marco Civil da Internet (Digital Bill of Rights), and an analysis of the perspective of consolidation or retreat

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