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We need to talk about cyber security

Igarapé Institute researchers launched the first publication of its new Cybersecurity and Digital Liberties series. The report – Uma Estratégia para a Governança da Segurança Cibernética no Brasil – was prepared by researchers Louise Hurel and Luisa Lobato. It explores the evolution of Brazil’s cybersecurity

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Changing the game on public security

Brazil is experiencing a dramatic uptick in violent crime. Last year was the most murderous on record, and there are signs the situation could worsen in 2018 and 2019. Too often, politicians are quick to resort to repressive and punitive approaches to improve safety. Citizens,

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Peacekeeping Effectiveness

Igarapé’s work in Africa has been strengthened: researcher Adriana Abdenur has been conducting field research in the Democratic Republic of Congo promoted by the EPON (Effectiveness in Peace Operations) network to assess the effectiveness of UN peace operations. EPON  is a network of think tanks

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CAR and Mali: Community violence reduction and the UN in Africa

Co-founder and research director Robert Muggah has been conducting field research with the UN in the Central African Republic (CAR) and Mali for the development of a practical guide and standard operating procedures for reducing community violence in United Nations peacekeeping missions. The so-called Integrated

Dedo no Gatilho
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The dangers of outsourcing security to the private sector

In the last three decades, more than 830 thousand people were murdered by firearms in Brazil. If we include suicides and accidents, the amount reaches almost one million. Ilona Szabó, executive-director of Igarapé, issues an alert in her fortnightly column about the questionable efficiency of

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Ilona Szabó and Melina Risso, respectively director and adviser of Igarapé, have launched a book to set the public security agenda for the next election. With a preface by minister Luís Roberto Barroso, Changing the Game of Public Security proposes clear, didactic and pre-tested solutions

Large parts of the world are growing more fragile. Here are 5 steps to reverse course
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New States of Fragility report launched

The Igarapé Institute contributed to a new OECD report on States of Fragility. Co-founder and research director Robert Muggah contributed a section on fragile cities – with the report launched at a High Level Panel in New York in July.

Os desafios das ‘fake news’ na América Latina
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Brazil takes steps to protect privacy

The European data privacy law – GDPR – came into effect last May and is causing ripples around the world. Brazil may also see a new personal data protection bill pass the national senate.

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Listen to Africa’s women peacemakers

Igarapé Institute’s Innovation in Conflict Prevention (ICP) initiative has launched a new bi-monthly series of podcasts with African women mediators.

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The World Cup in homicide rates

08/2018 The World Cup is the apogee of sporting events. An while many fans were glued to their screens in June and July, not everyone was focused solely on the football. One Guatemalan economist took a different approach. Carlos Mendoza, founder of Project Dialogos and

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For a safer Rio

Rio de Janeiro has seen a dramatic turn-around in its public security environment since 2015. Most indicators of violent crime have deteriorated.

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Igarapé Institute wins new award

The Igarapé Institute was the recipient of a prestigious new award in 2018. At the Think Tank of the Year Awards 2018, organized by Prospect Magazine, the Institute was a winner in the “One to Watch”

Institutos lançam 35 propostas para a área de Segurança Pública no país
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Public safety is the solution

Insecurity is one of the number one issues facing Brazilians in the upcoming October 2018 elections. And not without good reason: almost 64,000 citizens were killed in 2017.

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Advancing changes in international arms regulation

Igarapé Institute has some cause to celebrate. After four years of pressuring Brazil´s Congress, the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) was finally ratified by President Temer. The ATT is the world´s first binding international agreement to regulate the conventional weapons trade.

The Stunning Scale of Latin America's Migration Crisis
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Influencing policy on refugee protection in Brazil

Brazil is facing a range of challenges in protecting and caring for refugees. There are tens of thousands new arrivals from Venezuela. But there are also roughly 10,000 refugees and asylum seekers in major Brazilian cities, including in Rio de Janeiro,

Relatório Anual Instituto Igarapé 2017
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Igarapé releases its annual report

The Igarapé Institute racked-up some impressive wins in 2017. The annual report highlights some of the key numbers: over 40 publications, keynotes and lectures in over 135 events in 18 countries, at least 7.647 citations media around the world,

Cada jovem morto faz país perder R$ 550 mil
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The costs of violent crime in Brazil amount to 4.5% GDP a year

A new study issued by the Brazilian President’s Office for Strategic Affairs sets out some startling figures on the economic burden of violent crime. The study, calculates the total costs at roughly $285 billion, the equivalent to 4.5% of GDP.

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New data visualization on drug policy

The Igarapé Institute just launched a new data visualization – the Drug Policy Monitor for the Americas. The Monitor includes an interactive map of drug policy innovation across North, Central and South America.

como falar com adolescentes sobre drogas
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Honesty is the best policy

O Instituto Igarapé lançou dois novos produtos para gerar conscientização sobre as políticas de drogas. Um dos principais objetivos é fortalecer o argumento de educadores e famílias através de informações e dados concretos, sempre com vistas à redução de danos.

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Maps reveal hidden truths of our cities

Maps literally shape how we understand the world. For the past few years, the Igarapé Institute has designed digital maps to convey complex trends on issues ranging from arms flows and homicide to migration flows and drug policy innovation.

exercício viking 2018 brasil
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Building peace around the world

The Institute was active around the world in April. Our researchers participated in over a dozen events, a few of which are listed below.

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A much needed debate

After a string of privacy scandals involving Cambridge Analytica appeared throughout April, concerns about cybersecurity and digital rights are rising to the top of the agenda.

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Ilona Szabó chairs the Firjan Council for Public Security

Rio de Janeiro’s FIRJAN council assembles all major private companies to discuss common priorities and challenges. The Council for Public Security is designed to address key risks facing industries ranging from manufacturers to tourism.

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2.5 million murders

Igarapé released a new report, Citizen Security in Latin America: Facts and Figures. Developed in partnership with the Latin American Development Bank (CAF), the report sets out some hard numbers on the security situation for Latin America.

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The future of the liberal order

In March, the Igarapé Institute launched a new series of reflections on the future of the global liberal order. Working with the World Economic Forum and the Lind Initiative, the series includes feature articles by Robert Muggah together with Steven Pinker, Francis Fukuyama, Anne-Marie Slaughter,

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A network of women for peace

Gender inequality is a far reaching challenge. During “Women’s Month,” the Igarapé Institute launched a new network to generate awareness and action. The “Rede de mulheres, paz, e segurança” [Women, Peace, and Security Network] brings together the leading organizations working on the issue. Coordinated by

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Instinct for Life completes one year

In April of 2017, the Igarapé Institute together with dozens of Latin American organizations initiated a campaign with a daring goal: reduce homicides by 50% in a decade. Today, the Institute is delighted to report that It is joined by 59 partners, commitments from seven

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At the Latin America WEF

The Institute’s executive director Ilona Szabó delivered a lecture at the World Economic Forum summit in Latin America, hosted by the government of Sao Paulo. The Igarapé Institute has a wide-ranging partnership with the World Economic Forum. The Institute’s executive director Ilona Szabó is a

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Marielle Franco – a tragic loss for Brazil

The Igarapé Institute is outraged by the assassination of one of Rio de Janeiro’s most promising young political actors and leaders, Marielle Franco. Her assassination shocked Brazilians and electrified the global community. Her killing represents yet another flagrant violation of human rights and an attack

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Igarapé Institute featured by Folha de Sao Paulo

The Igarapé Institute has forged a broad partnership with Folha de Sao Paulo, including the renowned Ilustrissima magazine which received 100 million readers a month. In March, columns on gun-related violence and tensions in Mexico made the front cover. The Institute produces monthly columns to

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