New data visualization on drug policy

The Igarapé Institute just launched a new data visualization – the Drug Policy Monitor for the Americas. The Monitor includes an interactive map of drug policy innovation across North, Central and South America. It also features a timeline that tracks legislative and policy developments. The platform is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Researcher Ana Paula Pellegrino insists that the platform can help build awareness about prevention and alternative approaches to controlling drugs. “Important advances have been achieved in criminal justice and public health – especially in relation to access to treatment and the regulation of medicinal cannabis. Many countries have passed new laws designed to create safer and healthier communities.”

Visitors can also find a quiz that lets them explore which countries have drug policies that are most closely aligned (or opposed) to their own positions on the issue. The Monitor will be regularly updated and serve as a resource for journalists, students and others interested in staying informed about the subject.

Access the monitor

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