Los Delitos Ambientales en la Cuenca del Amazonas: el rol del crimen organizado en la minería

Over the past decade, organized criminal groups have expanded their activities throughout the Amazon region. They have also diversified, committing environmental crimes. The spread of illegal mining over the last decade merits attention. Beyond contributing to inequality and environmental degradation – especially in indigenous areas – illegal mining brings with it violence in all its forms, from the presence of armed groups to sexual exploitation and homicide, which have intensified throughout the region.

Coordinator of Igarapé’s international security division, Adriana Erthal Abdenur and researchers Lycia Brasil, Ana Paula Pellegrino, and Carol Viviana Porto launched the publication, Los delitos ambientales en la Cuenca del Amazonas: el rol del crimen organizado en la minería, in which they discuss the connections between environmental crimes and criminal organizations, especially regarding illegal mining. In it, they propose a typology for comprehending the relation between the different kinds of crimes and their impact on the environment.

Read the publication (in spanish)

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