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Strategic Papers

Engaging civil society for the defense of the civic space.

What is civic space? What is its relation to our democracy? Why is it under attack? In this article, Ilona Szabó explains all and proposes a typology for a better understanding of the different strategies and tactics used by authoritarian-populist governments. The article also presents


The Global South and UN Peace Operations

The countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America provide around 92 percent of all military and police personnel for United Nations (UN) peace operations

Child Security Index

Childhood and security

This Strategic Paper features the main results of the Childhood Security Index (CSI) application regarding participants from the Bola Pra Frente Institute, which is located in the Complexo do Muquiço and attends children and teenagers from neighborhoods such as Guadalupe, Deodoro and others in Rio de Janeiro’s North Zone.

Strategic Papers

Where is Latin America?

This Strategic Paper studies the contradiction between high levels of violence in Latin America and the low priority given to achieve Susteinable Development Objective 16.

Child Security Index

Digitally Enhanced Child Protection

This Strategic Paper reviews the emerging character and functions of ICTs to prevent violence against children in the global South.

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