Digitally Enhanced Child Protection

The last decade has witnessed growing appreciation of the potential of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to protect children from violence. The issue of violence against children (VAC) is of singular importance. And while the full scope and scale of VAC remains hidden from view there is wide spread consensus that “every year and in every region of the world, millions of children suffer the cumulative impact of physical, mental and emotional violence, and millions more are at risk”. Although ICT innovation for child protection is comparatively advanced in North America and Western Europe, there is less known about new toolsin lower- and middle-income settings in the Americas, Africa and Asia. This Strategic Paper begins filling this knowledge gap and reviews the emerging character and functions of ICTs to prevent VAC in the global South. Drawing on assorted cases from Benin, Brazil, Kenya, Uganda and other countries, it provides a hint of the diversity of emerging experiences around the world. In the process, the Strategic Paper provides insights into emerging trends, typologies, and threats.


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