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Climate and Security in latin America and the Caribbean

The articles in this volume explore how climate contributes to insecurity in the LAC region. They resulted from a partnership between the Igarapé Institute and the Instituto Clima e Sociedade (iCS), both in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with the support of the German Embassy in Brasília.


Prison populism in Latin America

The objective of this study is to offer a data-driven review of the growth, trends, and the principle reasons behind the rapid expansion of the prison population in the region during the past two decades.


Le Manuel de Prévention des Conflits

Après un demi-siècle de déclin, la fréquence et la sévérité des conflits armés ont commencé à augmenter à nouveau en 2010.

Digital Security Publications

A Strategy for Cybersecurity Governance in Brazil

This study explores the institutionalization of the cybersecurity agenda in Brazil and seeks to identify opportunities for multi-stakeholder cooperation.


The Handbook of Conflict Prevention

Executive Summary   Conflict prevention has a long history within the context of the international peace and security architecture. In recent years, there has been a push to vitalize the idea. The new UN Secretary General has called for the restoration of conflict prevention to


La “Mano Dura”

Los enfoques que prometen ser “duros contra el delito” son atractivos para la opinión pública. Líderes autoritarios y populistas suelen usarlos, ya que suenan “moralmente justos” y orientados a la acción.


Enhancing Peacekeeping Training Through Cooperation

There is growing recognition at the UN and among member states that peacekeeping must be made more effective, especially in face of major budget cuts and wavering leadership by traditional actors.

Policy Brief Gender and Mediation in Guinea-Bissau

Gender and Mediation in Guinea-Bissau

On July 10, 2017, the President of Guinea Bissau, José Mário Vaz, met politician Domingos Simões Pereira, who had served as Prime Minister from 2014 to August 2015. Although Pereira remained head of the country’s major political party, the African Party for the Independence of


Brazil’s Participation in MINUSTAH (2004-2017)

Brazil’s contribution to United Nations (UN) missions started exactly 70 years ago, when Brazilian military officers and diplomats participated in the first multinational team authorised by the Organisation to act in the Balkans in October 1947. About 10 years later, the first UN mission with


Implementing the “Women, Peace and Security” agenda in Brazil

This article presents an analysis of the content of the National Plan of Action (NAP) on women, peace and security, a document adopted by Brazil on March 8, 2017, in response to United Nations calls for its member states to promote national strategies for implementation


Central African Republic: historical roots and immediate causes of conflict

This policy brief from the Igarapé Institute presents the historical roots and immediate causes of the conflict in the Central African Republic in order to provide support to international, national and local actors who may play a relevant role in conflict prevention in the country and, more broadly, in the central region of the continent.


On the brink of danger

Strategic Note about a relatively new phenomenon in international relations: since the nineties, there has been an increasing number of civilian experts who work in highly unstable contexts, once restricted to the military.


Haitian Women’s Experiences of Recovery from Hurricane Matthew

June, 2017 On 4 October 2016 Haiti was struck by a category five hurricane, the strongest such storm in over 50 years. Hundreds were killed and over 1.4 million made homeless. A household survey of 2,792 households was undertaken between 11-21 October 2016. Repeat surveys

Digital Security Publications

Brazil, the Internet and the Digital Bill of Rights

April, 2017 Through interviews and research on primary and secondary data, the Strategic Article outlines a comprehensive history of the process of drafting, voting, and regulating the Marco Civil da Internet (Digital Bill of Rights), and an analysis of the perspective of consolidation or retreat


Achieving Gender Equality

Esta Nota Estratégica tem como objetivo destacar boas práticas na implementação de diferentes planos nacionais de ação (PNA’s).


Brazil and francophone Africa

This paper aims at examining how francophone Africa presently perceives Brazil’s ambitions in light of the current and past economic, political and diplomatic relationships.


Controlando el territorio y construyendo seguridad

[Em Espanhol] Esta publicación contiene textos sobre el proceso de paz en Colombia – y un prólogo escrito después de la victoria del “No” en el referéndum celebrado por la población de Colombia.

Child Security Index

What do children say?

This publication gathers the results of surveys done in partnership with World Vision in 12 cities across Brazil, which revealed a host of other findings that may be of interest to policy makers, practitioners and child welfare specialists.


Tough on the Weak – Drug Laws and Policing

September, 2016   This article aims to identify the main impacts of drug law enforcement on policing. It points to five interrelated effects: 1) Suppression focused on minor offenses and the weakest links in the chain; 2) Arrest patterns often based on stereotypes that affect


Counting Conflict Deaths

This briefing note is intended to assist the Inter-Agency and Experts Group (IAEG) on SDG indicators in developing an indicator to track the number of “conflictrelated deaths per 100,000 people”.


Disarming the FARC

[In Spanish] Study that examines the opportunities for disarmament of the FARC, drawing on evidence from around the world of what works, and what does not, when it comes to collecting weapons when wars come to an end.

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