Accelerating inclusive global cooperation

The world is facing multiple connected, cascading and compounding mega-threats. These challenges range from climate change, pandemic outbreaks and deepening inequality to massive digital vulnerabilities and nuclear proliferation. Yet global cooperation to address these and other issues is in short supply. More than ever, governments and civil society need to deepen their solidarity to address these shared risks. No single country or company can solve these problems alone. None of these issues can be addressed without fostering trust. A shift of paradigm is needed to accelerate international cooperation.

Over the past two years the Igarape Institute has supported the United Nations Secretary General and his executive office to deliver an action-oriented strategy to address these tremendous challenges. Together with partners, the Institute has provided inputs to the Secretary-General’s plan — called Our Common Agenda — released at the General Assembly. The Agenda sets out the case for a comprehensive approach to tackling global challenges. It is forward-looking, emphasizing the need to build a sustainable world for future generations. It calls for networked multilateralism to protect our critical commons and global public goods.

 As part of this effort, the Institute is also releasing a report summarizing findings from a far-reaching global digital consultation held in 2021 designed to feed ideas into Our Common Agenda. The report — Accelerating Inclusive Global Cooperation — is available in multiple languages and was developed with support from more than 30 civil society partners across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. It distills more than 520 proposals collected from over 1,750 representatives of civil society in over 140 countries. Inputs were received from leading NGOs, impact investors, philanthropists, parliamentarians, city leaders, academic institutions and under-represented groups such as minorities, migrants and conflict-affected communities. Proposals and recommendations generated by participants were shared with the executive office of the Secretary-General and influenced Our Common Agenda. The annex of the report also features specific proposals submitted during the digital consultation held in 2021.


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