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Americas Quarterly
Brazil's Risky Bet on Tech to Fight Crime
Rio de Janeiro’s ultra-conservative governor, Wilson Witzel, was elected in 2018 on a tough-on-crime...
Observatório de Migrações Forçadas
Homicide as a function of city block layout: Mexico City as case study
Focused on Mexico City, this article offers a seminal examination of the relationship between block layout...
Observatório de Migrações Forçadas
Globale Trends Analysen
Adriana Erthal Abdenur, coordinator for International Peace and Security at Igarapé, has published the...
Evangelical gangs in Rio de Janeiro wage ‘holy war’ on Afro-Brazilian faiths
I study violence in Latin America, and I’ve observed a sharp increase in reports of religiously motivated...
Council on foreign relations
Brazil's Data Protection Paradox
After years of procrastination, Brazil has finally adopted comprehensive data protection legislation....
Americas Quarterly
New Data Points to Staggering Violence in the Amazon
They came looking for gold. Earlier this year, several dozen unauthorized prospectors, or garimpeiros...
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Tell us where it hurts: Collective action to fight violence
Violence has always been one of humanity's most serious global challenges. Hundreds of millions of men,...
World Economic Forum
Why the cities of the future are 'cellular'
We are facing a climate emergency. More than 11,000 of the world's scientists and successive reports...
World Economic Forum
We can halve most forms of violence by 2030. Here's how
Violence has always been one of humanity's most serious global challenges. This is because for most of...
Observatório de Migrações Forçadas
No War, No Peace: Healing the World’s Violent Societies
As Rachel Kleinfeld and Robert Muggah note, levels of state-to-state conflict in the world are now at...
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Preserving Brazil’s Sovereignty Means Taking Responsibility for the Amazon
The world is waking-up to the climate emergency. But our prolonged slumber is going to cost us dearly....
World Economic Forum
Cities are easy prey for cybercriminals. Here's how they can fight back
Make no mistake: the world is in the early stages of a techno-war against city governments and urban...
What explains Brazil's homicide decline?
Brazil is the world's murder capital. No other country even comes close. That is why it was big news...
Ilona Szabó e Sérgio Moro
Cities could be our best weapon in the fight against climate change
Cities are stepping-up to confront many of the world’s biggest existential challenges – especially climate...
My Year in Africa: Why This Brazilian Woman Peacekeeper Wants to Return
n one of the world’s most fragile and violent settings, Lieut. Comdr. Marcia Braga, a 45-year-old Brazilian...
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Financing the UN: Development System Time for Hard Choices
Igarapé's Peace and Security Coordinator, Adriana Abdenur, contributed with the section "The Crisis of...
World Economic Forum
The Amazon is reaching a dangerous tipping-point. We need to scale solutions now if we have any chance of saving it
News coverage the catastrophic impacts of global warming are everywhere. From the Arctic to Brazil, the...
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A double-edged sword: The climate politics of the Mercosur-EU Agreement
If ratified, the Mercosur-EU trade deal may reinforce the parties’ commitment to climate action. Yet,...
Foreign Policy
It Isn’t Too Late to Save the Brazilian Rainforest
The fate of the Amazon is intertwined with the fate of the world. If 20-25 percent of its tree cover...
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Promoting Women’s Safety in Latin America
RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug 13 2019 (IPS) - Every year, over 12,000 women are killed in Latin America. The region...
Why a Tough-on-Crime Approach Won’t Solve Brazil’s ‘Epidemic’ of Prison Violence
Sixty-two people are dead following a riot at a prison in northern Brazil earlier this week. Fifty-eight...
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Q&A: Why Is Prison Violence So Bad in Brazil?
Brazil has struggled to contain prison violence for decades. A riot at the Altamira prison in Pará state...
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Global study on homicide: Understanding homicide
Robert Muggah and Renata Giannini contributed with a section for this report.
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Organized crime in the Amazon: Illegal mining hotspots
A new form of organized crime has recently been emerging in the Amazon: illegal mining. Miners fell trees,...
Migration and Technology: Lessons From the Brazil-Venezuela Border
Digital solutions are quickly filling the information vacuum plaguing the thousands of people around...
World Economic Forum
'Good enough' global cooperation is key to our survival
The future feels more threatening and ominous than ever. The sense of doom and gloom is deepening, not...
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Violent crime has undermined democracy in Latin America
The greatest wave of democratisation in history is receding - and crime and violence are to blame. Latin...
World Economic Forum
How China’s sponge cities are preparing for sea-level rise
All coastal cities are facing sea-level rise, but some will be hit harder than others. Asian cities are...
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What to expect from the new champions
Agenda 2030 is in trouble. The rare political consensus that led to the adoption of the Sustainable Development...
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Global Terrorism May be Down but is Still a Threat In 2019 - Are We Ready?
The absolute number, prevalence and lethality of terrorist incidents has decreased significantly around...
2019 Pritzker Forum on Global Cities
The 2019 Pritzker Forum on Global Cities takes place in Chicago June 5 through 7.
bbc newshour 42 prisoners strangled to death in Brazilian prisons
42 prisoners strangled to death in Brazilian prisons
Robert Muggah talks to the BBC’s Newshour about the recent killings inside the prisons on the Brazilian...
NPR (2)
Opinion: Brazil's Prison Massacres Send A Dire Message
Once again, Brazil's hellish prisons are making global headlines. The spotlight this week is on Manaus,...
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Contemporary Africa and the Foreseeable World Order
Contemporary Africa and the Foreseeable World Order sheds light on the place of "Africa Agency" in the...
Climate Change and Risk of Conflict: The Links Grow Clearer
There is growing evidence that climate change can increase the risks of conflict and violence.
Assessing the effectiveness of the United Nations Mission in the DRC / MONUC – MONUSCO
By adopting the EPON’s methodology framework, the report has evaluated the effectiveness of the UN peacekeeping...
Observatório de Migrações Forçadas (1)
Prison populism in Latin America
The objective of this study is to offer a data-driven review of the growth, trends, and the principle...
Foreign Policy
Brazil’s Murder Rate Finally Fell—and by a Lot
One of the world’s most homicidal countries just registered the sharpest overall decline of lethal violence...
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Reducing Homicide in Brazil: Insights Into What Works
Brazilians have an uneasy but enduring co-existence with homicide. Over 1,060,000 of them have been murdered...
Gun makers at defense fair seek opening of Brazil market
Gun makers and military industry companies from all over the world gathered in Rio de Janeiro for Latin...
BBC World News
Robert Muggah, diretor de pesquisa do Igarapé, falou à BBC sobre mudanças climáticas e sua influência...
World Governance Forum
Apresentação do diretor de pesquisa do Instituto Igarapé, Robert Muggah, no World Governance Forum.
Ilona Szabó e Sérgio Moro
Innovative urban financing can make our cities stronger
Cities are the defining form of human organization in the 21st century
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Brazil is tackling high murder rates with a new wave of crime programs
Brazil has an uneasy co-existence with homicide. At least 1,060,000 Brazilians have been murdered since...
robert-muggah copiar
The conflicts of the future
What's the effect of temperature rising on conflicts at world's most vulnerable areas?
A School Shooting in Brazil Complicates Bolsonaro’s Push to Ease Gun Laws
Last week, two gunmen opened fire at a high school near Sao Paulo, killing eight people, including five...
Ilona Szabó
Interview: Ilona Szabó de Carvalho
Ilona Szabó de Carvalho is the cofounder and executive director of the Igarapé Institute, a think and...
Foreign Policy
The State of War
The world is less violent today than at virtually any other time in human history. Hard as it is to believe,...
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US pulls diplomats from its embassy in Caracas, and tensions between Venezuela and Brazil escalate
The United States will withdraw all remaining staff from its embassy in Venezuela, according to a late-night...
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