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Opinion: How climate financing for the developing world will help all
It is conceivable that 2021 will be remembered as the year we reached a climate action tipping point...
Foreign Policy
U.N.’s Guterres Has a Plan to Reboot Multilateralism
Yet now more than ever, humanity’s collective future hinges on effective cooperation
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To Handle Threats, Global Cooperation Needs More Inclusion
The world is facing interconnected and complex global challenges
Foreign Policy
Islamic State-Khorasan’s Reach Extends Far Beyond Afghanistan
The U.S. military responded less than 48 hours later with an unmanned airstrike in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar...
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Digital privacy comes at a price. Here's how to protect it
Data privacy exchanged for frictionless convenience is being compromised, stolen and leaked with disturbing...
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A darkening threat horizon with a green silver lining in 2021
With tensions rising between global powers, digital attacks increasing in frequency and intensity, deepening...
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U.S.-made weapons seized by Taliban could lead to regional arms bazaar
After all, they've been buying, pilfering and seizing them from ANDSF forces for almost two decades.
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Covid-19: The pandemic explored in maps and data
Robert Muggah explores the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and national lockdowns
Foreign Policy
Three Years Is Too Long to Wait for a Global Vaccine Rollout
At first sight, the global vaccination rollout is mesmerizing
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Brazil: Indigenous communities reel from illegal gold mining
Local leaders told authorities that four boatloads of men arrived last week and threw tear gas canisters...
Foreign Policy
The Global Networks Working to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
Nuclear weapons are without doubt the most indiscriminate and inhumane weapons ever conceived
Foreign Policy
The Real-Life Risks of Our Digital World
If we didn’t know already, the COVID-19 pandemic has driven home the fact that data is the most important...
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Where Humanity’s Future Will Be Decided
The COVID-19 pandemic is a stark reminder of how interconnected our fates are
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Disrupting digital harms in Central Asia
Central Asia is the staging ground for a new digital Great Game
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Global Cyber Expertise Magazine
Louise Marie shares below some reflections on the importance of Cyber Portals to CCB and the lessons...
Chicago Council
We Need to Take Action Now to Protect the Amazon Basin
The Council's Robert Muggah offers TEDxSaoPaulo five priorities to disrupt the crime and corruption that...
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Half a million COVID-19 deaths in Brazil, no end in sight
Today on Front Burner, director of the Igarapé Institute in Rio de Janeiro and political analyst Robert...
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Episode 10: Unpacking Jacarezinho: Policing, Race, and Violence in Brazil
On this episode of the Brazil Institute podcast, host Anya Prusa speaks with Ilona Szabó, the co-founder...
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The future of cities in a postpandemic world
Cities around the world are designing reopening plans and imagining postpandemic life
the guardian
Colombia’s class war turns hot on the streets of Cali
“Colombia tried to peacefully resolve class conflict with the peace process, which sought to tackle the...
Mongabay’s most popular stories in April 2021
Daniel Pye’s interview with Igarapé Institute co-founder Robert Muggah about his organization’s Ecocrime...
Brazil braces for renewed Covid surge as Bolsonaro faces parliamentary inquiry over pandemic response
Szabo said that while she did not believe the inquiry would have “immediate” ramifications for Bolsonaro...
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After gold miners shoot Yanomani people, Brazil cuts environmental regulation further
Soaring gold prices have resulted in a massive ongoing invasion of the Indigenous reserve by gold miners...
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Rage, Rinse, Repeat – The Futile Cycle of Anger at Rio’s Police
“My daughter will never want to sleep there again,” the unidentified mother later told journalists, heavy...
the guardian
Cali is the cockpit of chaos as Colombia protests threaten to spiral out of control
“Armed civilians fighting against each other is one of the most serious manifestations of the crisis...
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ZEUS: Tracking crime in the Amazon with Igarape's Robert Muggah
As the world pressures Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro to act, Robert Muggah of the Igarape Institute, a think...
Maps can help tell the story of our changing world
Maps are not just informative, they are empowering
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Rio's bloody police campaign
Rio de Janeiro's bloody war on crime continues amidst a deepening COVID-19 crisis
Rio drug raid leaves at least 25 dead, drawing international condemnation
A policeman was among those killed in the early morning raid on Jacarezinho, on Rio’s north side, where...
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