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A green economy can deliver zero deforestation in the Amazon by 2030

The publication “A green economy can deliver zero deforestation in the Amazon by 2030”  details why an end to deforestation and degradation is imperative to “protect our planet” as well as how it can be achieved. A rapid acceleration of the green economy — upon


Mapping nuclear non-proliferation

The publication “Rethiking Multilateralism – Mapping nuclear non-proliferation” maps out networked multilateralism, including in relation to nuclear non-proliferation initiatives. The principal goal is to determine if there is utility in mapping the networks that characterize state and non-state commitments to international treaties, conventions and agreements.


Workers: New social contract proposal

The publication “Workers: new social contract proposal”  calls for a new social contract, emphasising green, equitable and inclusive recovery and resistence, and urge commitment to demands in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. The document is part of United Nation’s Secretary General Our Common Agenda.


Assessing global vaccination measures to address covid-19

The publication “Rethiking Multilateralism – Assessing Global Vaccination Measures to Address Covid-19” shows how the vaccination landscape is changing rapidly during the coronavirus pandemic. A new multilateralism coupled wih investments of US$ 50 billion could avoid up to US$ 9 trillion in costs to the


The world’s largest conversation is calling for more global cooperation, not less

At the United Nations, the world’s longest Zoom meeting is underway as presidents and prime ministers meet virtually amidst a pandemic that has killed almost a million people, an economic depression with no modern parallel, and a tide of polarization and division that threatens the social fabric in many countries.

International Cooperation

We urgently need major cooperation on global security in the COVID-19 era

Published in World Economic Forum By Robert Muggah The world is entering a volatile and unstable new phase. Scientists are increasingly confident that the COVID-19 pandemic threat will persist, possibly for years. The global economy is headed for an economic nose dive that could rival, even exceed, the

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