To Handle Threats, Global Cooperation Needs More Inclusion

By Giovanna Kuele and Ilona Szabo

Published in the SDG Knowledge Hub

The world is facing interconnected and complex global challenges—from worsening climate change, pandemic outbreaks, and deepening inequality to massive digital vulnerabilities and nuclear proliferation. To address these and other challenges, the United Nations is seeking to reinvigorate multilateralism through the newly launched Secretary-General’s report ‘Our Common Agenda.’ The report calls for a wholesale paradigm shift to accelerate international cooperation.

The proposals outlined in the report, released on 10 September 2021, do not emerge out of a vacuum. They were crafted on the basis of consultations conducted throughout 2021 with UN Member States, thought leaders, young people, civil society, and the UN system. One part of the consultative process was led by the Igarapé Institute and 30 of our civil society partners, a network that stretches across the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia. The Institute deployed a digital platform to crowdsource ideas and generated over 520 proposals from more than 1,750 participants in 147 countries.

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