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It Isn’t Too Late to Save the Brazilian Rainforest

The fate of the Amazon is intertwined with the fate of the world. If 20-25 percent of its tree cover is cut down, scientists estimate, the basin’s capacity to absorb carbon dioxide would be severely compromised, taking out of operation one of the world’s largest carbon sinks.

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Los Delitos Ambientales en la Cuenca del Amazonas: el rol del crimen organizado en la minería

Coordinator of Igarapé’s international security division, Adriana Erthal Abdenur and researchers Lycia Brasil, Ana Paula Pellegrino, and Carol Viviana Porto launched the publication, Los delitos ambientales en la Cuenca del Amazonas: el rol del crimen organizado en la minería, in which they discuss the connections between environmental crimes and criminal organizations, especially regarding illegal mining.


What to expect from the new champions

Agenda 2030 is in trouble. The rare political consensus that led to the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) four years ago has become fractured.

Other Publications

Tupi or not Tupi: Cannibalism and the Study of International Relations

The book  Researching South-South Development Cooperation: The Politics of Knowledge Production, edited by Emma Mawdsley, Elsje Fourie and Wiebe Nauta, contains a chapter by Igarapé’s International Peace and Security Coordinator, Adriana Erthal Abdenur.


BBC World News

Robert Muggah, diretor de pesquisa do Igarapé, falou à BBC sobre mudanças climáticas e sua influência na violência.


World Governance Forum

Apresentação do diretor de pesquisa do Instituto Igarapé, Robert Muggah, no World Governance Forum.


The conflicts of the future

What’s the effect of temperature rising on conflicts at world’s most vulnerable areas?


The State of War

The world is less violent today than at virtually any other time in human history. Hard as it is to believe, deaths from armed conflicts between states have declined dramatically since the 1950s.


In an era of global uncertainty, the SDGs can be our guide

Global cooperation is at a crossroads. Many of the world’s biggest challenges are not a result of disagreements about how to cooperate, but a profound loss of direction about why to cooperate in the first place.


How climate change is fueling extremism

Climate change is already triggering devastating weather events across the planet, including prolonged droughts, flash floods and wildfires.


Can Canada lead on Latin America? Venezuela poses a test

As Canada hosts an international meeting Monday aimed at ending the presidency of Venezuela’s embattled Nicolás Maduro, it faces charges in both Venezuela and at home that it’s acting as a lackey of the United States.


The Global South and UN Peace Operations

The countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America provide around 92 percent of all military and police personnel for United Nations (UN) peace operations


Climate Migration Hotspots in Mexico and Central America

In some areas of the world, including Central America, rising sea levels and declining agricultural productivity due to climate change are expected to trigger major migratory flows, especially within countries.


Le Manuel de Prévention des Conflits

Après un demi-siècle de déclin, la fréquence et la sévérité des conflits armés ont commencé à augmenter à nouveau en 2010.

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