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Why the cities of the future are ‘cellular’

We are facing a climate emergency. More than 11,000 of the world’s scientists and successive reports issued by the International Governmental Panel on Climate Change say the evidence of human-induced global warming is irrefutable.

Cities could be our best weapon in the fight against climate change

Cities are stepping-up to confront many of the world’s biggest existential challenges – especially climate change. One reason is that cities have always been where the future happens first; spaces that cultivate creativity, resourcefulness and innovation.

These are Asia’s most future-ready cities

The planet is urbanizing at an unprecedented speed, generating enormous social, economic and climatic stress. If sustainable urbanization is one of the paramount challenges of the 21st century, then Asia is ground zero for determining whether humanity can succeed.

Por cidades mais seguras

Folha de S. Paulo – No país que possui 32 das 50 cidades mais violentas do mundo, é inadmissível que a segurança pública

What Explains Criminal Violence in Mexico City?

    What Explains Criminal Violence in Mexico City? A Test of Two Theories of Crime There are competing theories of what drives crime in cities and neighbourhoods. Two widely cited theoretical approaches focused on social disorganization and institutional anomie propose different explanations for the

A Manifesto for the Fragile City

After more than a century of steady city expansion in northern countries, the direction of twenty-first century population growth is shifting southwards. Over the next five decades, Africans, Arabs, and Asians will migrate in unprecedented numbers to cities, especially to their slums. Many of these

Deconstructing the fragile city

Deconstructing the fragile city: exploring insecurity, violence and resilience An emerging social category – the fragile city – can be described as a discrete metropolitan unit whose governance arrangements exhibit a declining ability and/or willingness to deliver on the social contract. Fragility is thus no

Violent disorder in Ciudad Juarez

15/04/2014 Violent disorder in Ciudad Juarez: a spatial analysis of homicide This article considers the extent to which specific demographic and socioeconomic factors correlate with homicidal violence in the context of Mexico’s “war” on organized crime. We draw on Ciudad Juarez as a case study

The Fragile City Arrives

The world has entered its urban age. More than half of the globe’s population currently resides in cities as compared to

Fragile Cities Rising

A new social category recently emerged on the security and development landscape: the “fragile city”. This article debates the term and challenges to improve their autonomy.

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