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Global Cyber Expertise Magazine

Louise Marie shares below some reflections on the importance of Cyber Portals to CCB and the lessons learned from the process of developing the national portal


Mongabay’s most popular stories in April 2021

Daniel Pye’s interview with Igarapé Institute co-founder Robert Muggah about his organization’s Ecocrime data visualization platform, which combines visual storytelling with access to raw data on environmental crime in the Amazon, was the eighth most popular story with 45,000 views

Press Release

Press note on police killings in Jacarezinho

Rio de Janeiro’s public security authorities must  stop relying on lethal interventions as a policing strategy   May 7th – Rio de Janeiro   The Igarapé Institute is deeply saddened by the brutal killing of 25 people, including a law enforcement officer, during a police


Asia rises again

This map shows how economic power moved from east to west over the course of centuries — and then snapped rapidly back east over the past few decades


Mapping our common future

Robert Muggah’s book, Terra Incognita, received a positive review in The Lancet.

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