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El Salvador cada vez más inseguro

Agosto pasó a la historia como uno de los más negros para El Salvador desde la guerra civil que concluyó en 1992. El saldo de ese mes fue: 911 asesinatos en 31 días


Fra diplomatisk dverg til humanitær stormakt?

Brasil har siden 2004 ledet FNs stabiliseringsstyrke på Haiti, og aldri tidligere har Sør-Amerikas største land sendt flere soldater ut på internasjonale oppdrag. Brasilianske toppdiplomater har de siste årene fått lederjobbene i viktige internasjonale organer som FAO og WTO. Tidligere president Luiz Inácio Lula da


Ten steps to building a smart city

As urban areas swell around the world, leaders are seeking better ways to accommodate citizens. Experts offer advice


Brazil police may be to blame for 35 execution-style killings over weekend

Detectives in Manaus are investigating whether police death squads or criminal gangs were involved in a rash of execution-style killings that left 35 people dead in just three days. As the authorities flooded the streets with officers to reassure a nervous public, city officials were


Four Lessons to Change the World

Ilona Szabó shares four lessons to change the world based on her experience in two transforming social movements


SA and Brazil to try smart policing

Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro have joined hands in trying out a new policing system. The famous cities are employing the use of mobile cameras to strengthen policing in various districts while improving police accountability and enhancing police relations with society. The initiative is


Cuánto ganan los traficantes de arma en méxico ?

México se ha convertido en el paraíso del tráfico de armas para los grupos criminales, según denuncian los expertos. De los casi 15 millones de armas que circulan en el país, alrededor de 13 millones tienen procedencia ilegal. El principal proveedor es Estados Unidos Según


Smart Policing in Brazil

Vishva Samani reports on how smart policing in Brazil keeps a check on the police

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