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Why The Latest Cyberattack Was Different

All during 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic swept around the world, another novel virus with devastating long-term effects spread unnoticed worldwide

Calls for Police Reform Are Getting Louder – Here Is How to Do It

Horrifying videos of police officers suffocating and shooting Black people in the United States have generated outrage around the world. The killings also triggered demonstrations in thousands of cities and towns in the United States and across the globe, temporarily displacing the COVID-19 pandemic from headlines

We Can Make the Post-Coronavirus World a Much Less Violent Place

Published in Foreign Policy By Robert Muggah The world is convulsed by the novel coronavirus, but that is not the only pathogen that afflicts us. Criminal violence is also endemic, contagious, and highly virulent. More than 464,000 people were killed in homicides in 2017 (the last

It Isn’t Too Late to Save the Brazilian Rainforest

The fate of the Amazon is intertwined with the fate of the world. If 20-25 percent of its tree cover is cut down, scientists estimate, the basin’s capacity to absorb carbon dioxide would be severely compromised, taking out of operation one of the world’s largest carbon sinks.

The State of War

The world is less violent today than at virtually any other time in human history

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