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Does Predictive Policing Work?

The Cipher Brief – What if it were possible to predict where a crime took place before it actually occurred – even determining the identity


Brazil’s Merchants of Death

As Brazil weathers the worst political and economic crises in living memory, Brazilians can hardly be blamed for being distracted


Latin America’s Desesperados

The Mark News – Skyrocketing gang violence in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras is driving tens of thousands unaccompanied children on perilous journeys to the U.S. border


Por cidades mais seguras

Folha de S. Paulo – No país que possui 32 das 50 cidades mais violentas do mundo, é inadmissível que a segurança pública

Digital Security in the Media

Brazil Must Rebalance Its Approach to Cybersecurity

Council on Foreign Relations September, 2016 When Brazil attends the Group of 20 Summit in Hangzhou next week, cybersecurity will be on the top of everyone’s mind. This includes President Obama who received a letter from U.S. senators this week urging him raise the issue with his Chinese hosts. A spate


Making children safer in Brazil

Know Violence in Childhood – Mega events such as the Olympic Games and World Cup always leave mixed legacies


Why cities rule the world

TED Ideas – Cities are the the 21st century’s dominant form of civilization – and they’re where humanity’s struggle for survival will take place

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