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Digital Security in the Media

Brazil struggles with effective cyber-crime response

The risk of cyber crime is growing in Brazil amid a debate over the balance between security and privacy. Robert Muggah and Nathan B. Thompson analyse the nature of the threat and consider the response of the state in a climate of significant economic and political uncertainty

Digital Security in the Media

Brazil Needs a Twenty-First Century Data Protection Strategy

The world is drowning in data. Every minute, there are roughly 456,000 tweets, 510,000 comments posted on Facebook, 999,000 Tinder swipes, 3.6 million Google searches, 4.1 million Youtube videos watched, and 103 million spam emails.

Digital Security in the Media

How Brazil Could Become a Regional Leader on Data Protection

A bill passed yesterday by Brazil’s Lower House marks a major step forward in the push for privacy. 30/05/2018 The world is awash in data. Each minute, people around the globe take 47,000 Uber trips, write 456,000 tweets, conduct 3.6 million Google searches and receive

Digital Security in the Media

Digital safety in the world’s most dangerous war zone

27/04/2018 By Deirdre Collings and Robert Muggah Originally published on iPolitics In war-torn Syria, the contents of one’s phone mean the difference between life and death. “My phone is my lifeline,” Umm Hassan told us, one of the more than 150,000 Syrian citizens fleeing the destruction

Digital Security in the Media

Brazil’s Internet Is Under Attack, Again

The Brazilian government has launched a consultation on the future of, the body that sets internet policy in the country. Some fear that the Temer administration is trying to gut it.

Digital Security Publications

Brazil, the Internet and the Digital Bill of Rights

April, 2017 Through interviews and research on primary and secondary data, the Strategic Article outlines a comprehensive history of the process of drafting, voting, and regulating the Marco Civil da Internet (Digital Bill of Rights), and an analysis of the perspective of consolidation or retreat


Digital Rights at a Crossroads

JOTA April, 2017 New infrastructure will make Brazil an even more critical component of the world’s Internet   Three years ago, former President Dilma Rousseff signed the Marco Civil da Internet into law. This crowdsourced digital bill of rights provides key guarantees for Brazilian citizens

Digital Security in the Media

Brazil Must Rebalance Its Approach to Cybersecurity

Council on Foreign Relations September, 2016 When Brazil attends the Group of 20 Summit in Hangzhou next week, cybersecurity will be on the top of everyone’s mind. This includes President Obama who received a letter from U.S. senators this week urging him raise the issue with his Chinese hosts. A spate

Digital Security in the Media

Civil liberties, online and off

The Boston Globe – Brazil’s friendishly complicated political and economic crises are sending the country into a tailspin


A balcanização da internet pode começar no Brasil

El País January, 2016 Tentativas de cercear os direitos digitais dos brasileiros contrastam com a fama do país de bastião da liberdade na rede Uma juíza de São Paulo chocou o Brasil em dezembro ao exigir que todas as operadoras de telefonia do país bloqueassem

Digital Security in the Media

Brazil’s Digital Backlash

Brazilians take their social media very seriously. The country has one of the fastest growing populations of Internet users in the world

Digital Security in the Media

Brazil’s Cybercrime Problem

Foreign Affairs – Brazil ranks second worldwide in online bank fraud and financial malware. Yet much of the Brazilian public remains unaware of the scale of the problem.

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