Preparing Civilian Experts to work in Vulnerable Places

Setembro, 2016

Preparing Civilian Experts to work in Vulnerable Places: Unveiling Brazil’s Potential

rsz_peacecpThis brief examines Brazil’s potential for preparing civilian experts to work in unstable contexts. As yet, Brazil has no mechanisms for identifying, preparing and deploying civilian experts to unstable contexts, whether through multilateral missions or via bilateral channels. It lacks political will, financial support and an appropriate legal framework that can make it possible for Brazilian civil servants to work abroad and regulate their career plans.

The Brazilian federal government has accumulated almost three decades of experience that should be taken into account when organizing the country’s civilian capacity. This includes the deploying public servants to vulnerable places through technical, humanitarian or electoral cooperation, mainly through bilateral channels. Exploring this experience gained is relevant for whether and how to organize future capacity to deploy civilian experts to peace operations.


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