Category: ICP-Podcast


Episode 4: Mama Koite Doumbia (Mali)

Ms Mama KOITE DOUMBIA is a member of the UN Advisory Committee/Women for West and Central Africa, President of the Mali Women Leaders Platform.


Episode 3: Lina Zedriga Waru Abuku (Uganda)

Lina Zedriga is the Secretary Uganda National Committee for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide and Mass Atrocity Crimes and all Forms of Discrimination


Episode 2: Fatima Yerima Askira (Nigeria)

Fatima Yerima Askira is the Founder/Executive Director of Borno Women Development Initiative, a registered NGO that aims to empower women to play a constructive role in creating a peaceful and ignorant-free environment.


Episode 1: Muna Hassan Mohamed (Somalia)

ICP Podcasts Episode 1: an interview with Muna Hassan Mohamed Muna Hassan Mohamed is a Somali youth leader focused on rebuilding the country. She has served as the Chairperson of the Somali Youth Cluster, sitting at the apex of a national youth organisation that encompasses

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