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Newsletter 4 - May, 2018

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Our new series tracking public security is now out

The Igarapé Institute recently launched a new series - State of Public Security – to track and analyze trends in crime and victimization in Rio de Janeiro. Short bulletins are released every two months and are designed to highlight emerging threats and document public, private and third sector responses.

The first issue examines micro-levels trends in public security – including the deterioration across multiple crime indicators in the first quarter of 2018. Each new bulletin also features a special theme – the first issue addressed the rise of the militias and the assassination of Marielle Franco.

The State of Public Security series is available to subscribers. If you are interested in receiving the bulletins, send us an email at contato@igarape.org.br.

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May 2018


Igarapé and its researchers launched 5 publications in May, including: Garantindo a paz: o Brasil e o processo de paz com o ELN da Colômbia, by Adriana Erthal Abdenur; Género, justicia y seguridad en Brasil y en Colombia: ¿Cómo prevenir y tratar la violencia contra las mujeres?, by Renata Avelar Giannini, Orlinda Cláudia Rosa de Moraes and Marcelo Diaz; Colômbia e as FARC: Cenários pós-conflito e repercussões regionais, by Guilherme Damasceno Fonseca and Christian Vianna de Azevedo; Gender and Mediation in Guinea-Bissau: The Group of Women Facilitators, by Adriana Erthal Abdenur; and La participación de Brasil en la MINUSTAH (2004-2017): percepciones, lecciones y prácticas relevantes para futuras misiones, by Eduarda Passarelli Hamann and Carlos Augusto Ramires Teixeira.


In May, Igarapé’s researchers published 20 op-eds, among them: Rio de Janeiro's militia on the rise (again), in Open Democracy; A ordem liberal está desmoronando?, by Robert Muggah and Taylor Owen, in Estadão; Rumo à consolidação da proteção de dados pessoais no Brasil, by Robert Muggah and Louise Marie Hurel, in El País; and also; Desenhando cidades seguras and Fazer parte da renovação, in the bimonthly column by Ilona Szabó for Folha de S. Paulo.


Igarapé was mentioned 589 by media outlets around the world including four citations in Financial Times: Brazil's young flock to tough talker on crime; Jair Bolsonaro: The far-right politician wooing young Brazilian voters; Jailed Lula holds key cards in uncertainty over Brazil election and Crime rate Bolsonaro plays on security fears. We also appeared in the New York Times (More than 30 killed in Brazil city after officer murdered); the Associated Press (Rio police recreate murder scene of activist Marielle Franco); the Washington Post (Blackouts, hyperinflation, hunger: Maduro faces reelection as Venezuela deteriorates), and others.

Igarapé also registered a strong presence in the Spanish media including: Este domingo, no olvidemos a Venezuela, in CNN; El otro problema fronterizo: las armas, in El Clarín and on La Reforma; Uno de cada 4 homicidios en el mundo sucede en estos 4 países (uno de ellos es México), in the Huffington Post; Brasil, la democracia amenazada, in La Vanguardia; and Meade presume que creó el primer protocolo de control de armas pero SAT lo desmiente, in La Cronica among other Mexicans newspapers.

In Brazil, Igarapé staff were quoted by TV Globo (Congresso aprova projeto de lei que unifica sistema de segurança do país), Folha de S. Paulo (Colômbia, sem guerra mas sem paz); Valor Econômico (Eterno retorno de turbulências) and dozens of other major media outlets.


Igarapé researchers participated or organized 20 events during the reporting period, including the Oslo Freedom Forum, the Singularity Summit for Brazil, the UN General Assembly and other fora. Check out our activities here.

2.5 million murders

A new report by the Igarapé Institute´s Robert Muggah and Katherine Aguirre examines the dynamics of security across Latin America. Findings from the report reached 300 news outlets around the world, including the Associated Press, Bloomberg, El Pais, Financial Times, Folha de Sao Paulo, Guardian, New York Times, Washington Post and many more. Learn more→

A much needed debate

Questions around data privacy and digital freedoms are rising to the top of Brazil's national agenda. Igarapé Institute is bringing together public, private and civil society groups to discuss solutions. Learn more→

Building peace around the world

Igarapé staff delivered keynotes at major events around the world. In April and May alone, the Institute gave presentations at the Oslo Freedom Forum, the Singularity Summit, the Nexus Summit, a High Level Panel at the UN, major peacekeeping simulations, and conferences at Harvard. Learn more→

Ilona Szabó chairs the Firjan Council for Public Security

Igarapé Institute was appointed the chair of the newly created FIRJAN (Federation of Industries of the state of Rio de Janeiro) Council for Public Security. Learn more→


Drug Policy Monitor in the Americas - Dive into a new interactive platform on drug policy reform in the Americas and see for yourself how countries and cities across the region are experimenting with new approaches.


Agenda Rio - A new action plan will be released setting out recommendations for improving public security at the state-level. The plan was developed with a group of leading specialists in police, criminal justice and prison reform and will be available on the Igarapé website.


National Agenda - The Igarapé Institute has partnered with Sou da Paz and Fórum Brasileiro de Segurança Pública to set out a national agenda for public security. The coalition will work with presidential and state-level candidates to ensure an evidence-based approach to public security in advance of the October 2018 elections.


Ilona Szabó and Melina Risso will be releasing a new book on public security. The new volume will set out simple insights and lessons on public security for voters in the upcoming 2018 national elections.

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