The case for engaging cities in the new multilateralism

The new multilateralism must be decentralized and engage at the national regional-local scale. To be effective and legitimate it should be “communitydriven” and “collaboratively designed”. A number of strategic priorities set out by cities are articulated in the New Urban Agenda, and can serve as a guide along with the SDGs, Paris Declaration and new Global Biodiversity Framework. At the top of the urban agenda is a vision that blends society, nature and the environment, together with principles of fundamental rights, social justice and sustainability. Cities are committed to ambitious climate targets, especially net zero emissions targets.

The publication “The case for engaging cities in the new multilateralism” analyzes the role of engaging cities in the new multilateralism. The document is part of United Nation’s Secretary General Our Common Agenda. The initiative has the support of Igarape Institute in a digital consultation with specialists in 147 countries to identify proposals to address new and emerging challenges.

Read the publication Meet Our Common Agenda

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