Civic Space GPS Bulletin 3


Attacks, threats and actions to close the civic space — a sphere between business, the State and the family, where citizens organize, debate and act to influence public policies and the direction of the country — continue with intensity in Brazil.


The third Civic Space GPS Bulletin reports an increase in abuse of power, censorship, intimidation and harassment. The edition accompanies a typology to understand the strategies and tactics used to attack civic space. The document updates the typology launched in Strategic Article 49 of Igarapé Institute: “The ‘Agora’ is under attack: Assessing the closure of civic space in Brazil and around the world”. Incident search and classification methodology is also more robust.


The bulletin mapped 406 threats civic space closure, 327 institutional responses and 148 resistance actions from civil society and other groups. The cases are monitored in press vehicles between March 1 and June 30, 2021. The document shows 34 instances in which there have been changes in the government’s position — more than one every three days.


Read the publication Read the technical note Meet the methodology (in Portuguese)

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