Mali-Niger: Climate change and conflict make an explosive mix in the Sahel

Published in International Committee of the Red Cross

The effects of climate change are exacerbating conflict between communities in both Mali and Niger, leading to a deepening of poverty, a weakening of public services and a disruption to traditional means of survival.

 Notes: A new and powerful website developed by the Igarapé Institute and illustrates how all the indicators on climate are in the red, and how violence is increasing in different areas of the Sahel. ICRC collaborated with the Igarapé Institute and on this initiative to visualize how these combined phenomena are playing out. used open source data from a variety of scientific and other reliable sources to capture these dynamics. These firstly paint the broad picture of these dynamics in the Sahel and how its climate is changing (see here), then focused on the way violence is impacting the sub-region, zooming in on Mali particularly (see here), before looking at what solutions could be considered (see here).

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