Renata Giannini

Renata Giannini received her PhD in International Studies from Old Dominion University (Norfolk/USA) and her Masters from San Tiago Dantas International Relations Program (Sao Paulo/ Brazil). She is a specialist in international security, and, in particular, fragile countries, peace operations and the gender, peace and security agenda. She has received multiple grants and scholarships to pursue her research, including a Fulbright sponsorship to complete her PhD studies in the US. She has participated in various workshops and validation seminars coordinated by organizations such as the UN and the OAS on gender, peacekeeping and multidimensional security in the hemisphere. She has also carried out field work in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa, including the Democratic Republic of Congo and Haiti. Her last publications are on gender in peacekeeping, Brazil and the gender peace, and security agenda, civilian capacity, Latin American perspectives to peace operations and international humanitarian assistance.

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