Igarapé Institute updates EcoCrime platform with two new stories

The Igarapé Institute updated EcoCrime Data platform with two new stories on the dynamics of environmental crimes in the Amazon Basin. The data visualization platform offers an immersive experience about how environmental crimes threatens forests  and biodiversity in the region.

The first story showcases details of a Brazilian gang that bribed local and federal authorities, besides having a private militia and conducting violence, deforestation, land grabbing and money laundering. The second story focus on the illegal trade of different types of timber, in a network sprawled thru Ecuador, Peru and Colombia.

Other stories in EcoCrime highlight the damages to climate caused by crimes such as land grabbing, illegal timber trade, gold mining and the illicit trade of wildlife. The platform has information on Brazil and the eight other countries that share part of the Amazon Basin — Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guiana, French Guiana , Peru, Suriname and Venezuela.

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