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Drug policy

Interview with Ilona Szabó about drug policy during the World Economic Forum on Latin America


Ending the narcotic cycle

Ilona Szabó de Carvalho’s presentation about the implications of global drug policy


WhatsApp Block in Brazil

Robert Muggah, reserach director of the Igarapé Institute, talks to BBC Radio about WhatsApp block in Brazil


A Chat on Social Taboos

Ilona Szabó talks about her experience with drug policy and public security


Cyber Cartels and Digital Gangs

Rob Muggah lifts the lid on his data visualisation tools and exposes the work of cyber cartels, and what we can do to track them


Capturing the Networked Society

Robert Muggah, research director at the Igarapé Institute, was selected by Ericsson as one of 60 winners in the “network society” by using technology to solve complex social problems


Dialogue on Foreign Policy: Robert Muggah

One of the sessions of the series “Dialogue on Foreing Policy”, on March 12th, was entitled ‘Perspectives of the New Internacional Governance”. Robert Muggah, from Igarapé Institute, summarizes his intervention in this video


MAD: Mapping Arms Data

MAD features over 35 000 records of the exports and imports of small arms and ammunition from more than 262 states and territories between 1992 and 2012


Faces of Violence

Documentary on violence and firearms in developing countries

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