Sergio Menezes

I’m currently doing a Master in Literature at PUC-Rio (PPGLCC), a Master in Political Science at UNIRIO (PPGCP) and hold bachelor degrees in Social Communication, Journalism and Social Communication, Advertising and Marketing, both also from PUC-Rio. As a Journalist, I have been working as Igarapé Institute’s Communication Analyst since May 2018, and was a revisor of Desassossego Magazine and Plástico Bolha Newspaper. As a writer I have wrote plays such as Dissenso, BraZil and Heterotopia, presented in the XVIII Letras Expandidas, IX and X Mostra Bosque; besides being among the winners of Poetize Award 2019 and Covil da Discordia 2019 award. As an academic, I was among the organizers of the XVIII Letras Expandidas, and presented papers on the XIV Jornada de Estudos Históricos Manoel Salgado, at UFRJ and on the II Jornada Discente de Ciência Política, at UNIRIO. Moreover, I have also published two academic articles in Dignidade Re:vista. My main research themes are based on the relations between literature and politics; on the literary constructions of political phenomenons such as fascism, authoritarianism and populism; dystopias and heterotopias; and on digital and literary appropriations of myths and legends. 

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