Global Futures Bulletin: Responsible Artificial Intelligence Efforts In the Global South

The promise and peril of Artificial intelligence (AI) dominated the global agenda in 2023 and will be an even more pressing concern in 2024. This Global Futures Bulletin considers the global AI regulatory landscape – asking where AI safety and alignment policies are produced and how they differ across regions. The report offers a preliminary review of the scope, scale, and distribution of responsible and ethical AI measures.

To be genuinely effective and equitable, AI policies need to be developed in ways that are secure, safe, inclusive, and tailored to the Global South’s political, economic, social, and technological realities. Yet today, a handful of wealthy countries and technology companies dominate the debate about AI regulation which gives them the power to set de jure and de facto standards for the rest of the world. Developing countries must increase the speed at which they design, develop, and deploy their AI policies.

The latest Global Bulletin is based on insights generated from a Global Task Force on Predictive Analytics overseen by the Igarape Institute and New America. In addition to surveying over 470 AI laws, policies, and standards, it offers a shortlist of recommendations for policymakers, industry, civil society, and other stakeholders to amplify responsible AI regulation in developing countries.


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