Changing the game on public security

Igarapé joined the international campaign 16 Dias de Ativismo pelo Fim da Violência Contra as Mulheres [16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women]. Specifically, it launched #MulheresViramOJogo [Women who Change the Game]. The campaign began in Brazil on National Black Consciousness Day (20 November) to highlight the specific challenges facing black women and girls.

The #MulheresViramoJogo campaign was accelerated on 25 November, the International Day of Non-Violence Against Women, and continues until 10 December, International Human Rights Day. #MulheresViramOJogo is also part of the #ParaVirarOJogo campaign, launched in September by the Igarapé Institute and a variety of partners such as Sou da Paz Institute, the Fidedigna Institute, the Alana Institute, ISER, World Vision, Embaixada da Paz, Luta pela Paz, Promundo, and Redes da Maré.

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